Success Story Spotlight: Five-Time Cancer Survivor Casey O’Brien

June is National Cancer Survivor Month, and we’re featuring Casey O’Brien: a redshirt sophomore on the University of Minnesota football team, who completed his final chemotherapy session last month, after battling osteosarcoma.

Casey was cancer free for nearly two years, until doctors found a spot on his lung this past November. But Casey fought hard and had a successful surgery, marking the fifth time he’s beaten cancer. He has inspired many through his story, and embodies who we’d think of as a thriver. Way to go Casey!

A V Foundation thriver does not let cancer define them and embodies a healthy, vibrant mindset. Thrivers are advocates for cancer research who inspire and empower others on their cancer journey. The Robin Roberts Cancer Thrivership Fund supports research related to cancer survivorship and works to help turn survivors into thrivers.

There are nearly 17 million cancer survivors in the U.S., a number that is expected to grow to 26 million by 2040. Fortunately, cancer research continues to enable earlier diagnoses and better treatment options, leading to greater numbers of cancer survivors.

Do you know a thriver? Encourage them to share their story. Give to research. Every dollar supports life-saving cancer research.

Source: KARE

In case you missed it: College GameDay profiled Casey O’Brien’s journey from battling and defeating cancer to fulfilling his dream of playing in a college football game.