A Radiant Ruby Red Future: Gemstone and Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry

Prepare to add a true masterpiece to your cellar with this novel collaboration between Gemstone Vineyard and Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry!

The Gemstone and Stephen Silver teams have co-designed a ruby encrusted Jeroboam of the 2019 future of Gemstone’s Ruby Barrel Selection with rubies hand selected by Jared Silver. This beautiful Jeroboam art piece will impress you guests for the next several decades with its shining rubies and hand crafted custom presentation “jewelry” box.

Once this exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon, crafted by Thomas Rivers Brown, is consumed, bring the bottle back to Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry where the rubies will be carefully removed and designed into a custom piece of jewelry co-designed by you and Stephen Silver’s designers and artisans.

This auction lot is complete with a special future dinner with the Silvers and Dornbuschs to enjoy Gemstone library wines, cuisine with a special chef and to brainstorm ideas for your future piece of fine Ruby jewelry.

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  • 3L 2019 Ruby Barrel Selection Cabernet Sauvignon from Gemstone Vineyard, the First and Only Large Format Bottling of this Wine
  • One-of-a-Kind Bottle, Etched and Inlaid with Natural Rubies from Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry
  • One-of-a-Kind Future Piece of Jewelry for the Winner Made from the Rubies Encrusted into the Bottle (Upon Consumption)
  • VIP Future Dinner for 6 with Amy Marks Dornbusch and Jared Silver, Featuring Gemstone Wines, a Special Chef, and a Distinguished Guest


Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry, Gemstone Vineyard


Airfare and ground transportation not included. Date based on mutual availability. Expires August 2022.