Partner Spotlight : Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry


Over the course of the last 40 years, Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry has established a reputation far beyond their Silicon Valley home for the company’s expertise in jewelry design, rare luxury timepieces, and gemstones. But for the Silvers, lifelong residents of the San Francisco Bay area, their most rewarding accomplishments has always been the great relationships they have forged in their community and the philanthropic impact they have been able to make thanks to their success.

Stephen Silver, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry: “As a part of our commitment to our community and to our clientele and friends, we’ve chosen to align with the V Foundation in their quest to fight and cure cancer. My association with the V Foundation is very personal. Both of my parents died of cancer at relatively young ages, and this quest to cure cancer is ever-present in my mind. That’s why, five years ago, I pledged long-term commitment to the V Foundation to help make an impact in their research and quest for a cure.”

Jared Silver, President of Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry and V Foundation Board Member: “We need all our strength, commitment, and persistence to find a cure for cancer. This year marks the 5th anniversary of our own commitment to the Foundation, and we have decided to mark the anniversary by introducing a new product called the Bracelet of Hope. Each year we are going to add a new gemstone to the bracelet, starting with a rutilated quartz gem this year. This gemstone is known as an illuminator of the soul and it is believed to promote spiritual growth, something we could all use in these very trying times. We hope you wear your Bracelet of Hope all-year round and in years to come to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to supporting the V Foundation.”

Thank you to Jared Silver and Stephen Silver for their generous spirit, and for supporting this year’s Virtual Wine Celebration luxury gift, with the Bracelet of Hope!