2020 Volunteer Grant Honorees Spotlight: Robert and Gail Sims

The V Foundation Wine Celebration is honored to announce the selection of dedicated volunteers, Robert and Gail Sims, as our 2020 Volunteer Grant Honorees!

Robert and Gail are high school sweethearts from a little farm town called Modesto. In January, they celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary. Napa was on their list of places they dreamed of moving to and they’ve lived here for almost 30 years!

Gail taught at Vintage High School for 19 years. From psychology, business, computers, and leadership, she taught eleven different subjects before retiring in 2017. Robert is a retired Napa Valley College electrician and a lead guitar player for several bands. They enjoy traveling and recently visited Hawaii. Their favorite trips have been visiting France and Italy. Robert and Gail are blessed with three sons, three wonderful daughter in-laws and six grandchildren. They have the good fortune of having everyone live within two miles of each other in Napa.

In 2015, friends who were Wine Celebration volunteers encouraged them to join the team at the V Foundation.

Robert and Gail have selected atypical lung carcinoid tumor research as the focus for their Volunteer Honoree Grant in honor of their dear friend Danny Gene Cole, who lived life filled with gusto and love.

“Everyone connected with the V Foundation Wine Celebration is amazing, a rare gem in the area of fundraising. Volunteers have the advantage of seeing firsthand how everyone’s part makes a difference.”