Suzanne Pride Bryan: 2018 Vintner Grant Honoree for Breast Cancer Research

The V Foundation Wine Celebration is thrilled to have Suzanne Pride Bryan, of Pride Mountain Vineyards, join the fight against breast cancer as our 20th Anniversary Vintner Ambassador.

In 2004, Suzanne’s father, Jim Pride, was battling bladder cancer and had been fighting it for thee years when Suzanne was diagnosed with breast cancer. Both were treated at Stanford University Medical Center at the same time. In her own words, she shares her story with us.

“When you think of fun adventures to have with your Dad, side-by-side chemo treatments probably isn’t one of them. We sat through each other’s surgeries. We both had radiation. And the end of the story is that I made it, but Dad didn’t.”

Cancer can happen to anyone.

How much hope can you generate? Because we owe it to those who have gone before, and we owe it to those that fight today, and we owe it to the people who will find themselves battling cancer tomorrow. I thank Jim Valvano for having the foresight, even in his time of need, to establish the V Foundation with the help of ESPN, which has become so significant in the fight against cancer.