David Reynolds

David Reynolds

We were saddened to learn that our beloved auctioneer, David Reynolds, passed away while visiting his family in London in December, 2013.  David spent over 30 years devoted to and developing the art of charity auctions.  He was a leader in his field, a mentor for the thousands of auction personnel he guided and will be missed-immensely.

David Reynolds co-founded Reynolds & Buckley Auctioneers  in San Francisco, California.  A well-respected authority on the fundraising auction circuit and known for his British wit, colorful vests, high-energy performance style and ability to entertain while raising maximum dollars, he set the standard that so many others admired.

Born in London, England, David was considered the leading benefit wine auctioneer in the United States. He had been a wine retailer, wholesaler, sommelier, radio commentator and briefly, a winemaker. David was highly regarded in the wine community. Anthony Dias Blue has called him his “dream auctioneer.”

David will be missed by all of us here at the 16th Annual V Wine Celebration.


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